Lusus Naturae is my upcoming bestiary for old-school RPGs. It reached 300% of its funding goal on Kickstarter, and is now in production with a Halloween 2014 release date!

The 100 viscera-chewing monsters in this book include:
  • Pain-fueled Algionauts, bestowing power upon those who mutilate themselves

  • The pitiless and insectile Blight, which hungers for the agony of tormented newlyweds

  • The self-birthing Porphyrogene, eternally seeking the origin of feminine power

  • Vitiators, which methodically disembowel those who choose sobriety and virginity

  • The thin and lonesome Wending Skirl, howling its soul-deadening grief in frozen woods

  • Methodical and elegant Monstructs, which build their Citadel of Perpetuated Joys from the bodies of children

Check out the Kickstarter page for more details about this blood-soaked creature collection!


Demons feed on innocent souls while angels obliterate cities. Humans are caught in the middle: possessed, devoured, judged, damned.

The world needs a hero. Unfortunately, there aren't any, so what the hell, you might as well give it a try.

You're a Disciple, a supernatural warrior on the front lines. Wielding bizarre magics like Sexpletive, Death Panel, Photobomb, and Gunfetti, you must hunt down the diabolical and divine, rescue innocent civilians, and maintain a grip on the tattered vestiges of your humanity. How far will you go to destroy your enemy? Will you resort to cannibalism? Are you certain? Listen, don't knock it until you've tried it.

This game is an amalgam of two previously-published RPGs. Dread: The First Book of Pandemonium was originally published in 2002, with a new version in 2007. Spite: The Second Book of Pandemonium was released in 2009.

Pandemonio combines both rulesets and settings into a fast-paced game of splatterpunk action set in a world of violence and decay. You'll need several 12-sided dice and a mind full of nailbombs, scaphism, and hollow-point bullets.

"If you love gorehound transgression at its most base, this is the game for you. You will be vomiting needles ten pages in." (Jason Morningstar)

"This is an independent-publishing triumph." (Ron Edwards)

"An excellent horror game." (Kenneth Hite)

"The book's a riot to read -- Rafael Chandler is the kind of writer that the RPG field sees maybe a couple of times a generation." (Stew Wilson)


This enchiridion of entities should only be used by DMs inclined towards malfeasance, sadism, and base wrongdoing.

Torn from the pages of the Books of Pandemonium, these horrific fiends -- including the grotesquely talented Curhadac, the sadistic Eremite, and the death-singing Acronical -- will test the mettle of any adventuring party.

Here's the 20-page PDF preview.

Teratic Tome is an OSRIC-compatible bestiary featuring:
* Strange variants: Brine orc, gelatinous pyramid, and azure slime
* Undead: Ivory banshee, demimondaine, ash ghast, and verminated zombie
* New threats: Remnants, karkinoi, pontiffs, craanoi, and ingenues
* Unique entities: Baskra, Lunamic, Malchior, Pantagruel, and the Seamstress

"I can only presume that Chandler dreamed up these monsters while smoking weed mixed with the ashes of Ed Gein." (Shane O.)

"If you like old school and you like freakishly scary and horrifying monsters, BUY THIS BOOK." (Keith J. Davies)

"I felt disturbed reading parts of this and uncomfortable in others, much like a good horror fiction novel. And yet I kept flipping the virtual pages. Like an addict. There can be no higher praise." (Erik Tenkar)

"The rule of thumb is, if I read something Rafael wrote, then have to go to the dictionary to see what a word means, chances are I'm not going to sleep well that night." (Andy Kitkowski)

"I could not hope to fully encompass the contents of the Teratic Tome in any review of reasonable length. Suffice to say that it comes with my highest possible recommendation." (Michael Gibbons)

"If you would imagine, for a moment, if H.P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker collaborated on an AD&D monster manual, you would have the Teratic Tome." (Christopher Helton)


What's that on the viewscreen?

ViewScream is a varp (a video-augmented role-playing game), a low-prep hybrid of story game and larp.

Designed for play over video-chat programs, ViewScream produces tales of treason, murder, and horror.

Premise: Four officers (Medical, Bridge, Weapons, and Engineering) find themselves aboard a damaged starship, in great peril. They're cut off from each other, and can only communicate via viewscreens throughout the ship.

Will you turn on your shipmates? Will you work with them, even though some of them may be guilty of horrific crimes? What happened to the rest of the crew? How many minutes do you have before it happens to you, too? Can you escape, or will someone find your mangled corpse floating in the void?

Features nine adventures, including Cancel Christmas by Jason Morningstar, Vermilion Letters by Jack Shear, and War Room by Kerra Bolton.

Want to know what the game looks like in play? Check out these videos!


Hey! If you dig my role-playing games, you'll enjoy my debut novel, Hexcommunicated. It's as subtle as napalm and as delicate as a chainsaw. Hexcommunicated is about Soultergeists, Skelekinetics, unborn terrorists, and Lovecraftian WMDs.

There's more info about the novel here.

Or you can go check out the reviews at Amazon.

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